Ever get tired of watching movies, doing puzzles, and reading indoors during the winter? Instead of suffering from cabin fever, plan an unforgettable winter adventure at General Butler State Resort Park in KY.

While many people don’t consider camping to be a winter activity, the camper rentals at Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales beg to differ. Equipped with heavy-duty furnaces, they keep everyone toasty and warm.

General Butler Park

Located just 50 miles northeast of Louisville, General Butler Park is a beautiful winter oasis. Below are just a few of the fun activities to do:

  • Hiking: General Butler has several hiking trails of varying lengths. Take a brisk walk to experience the beautiful scenery. If everyone is quiet, you might see deer or other wildlife.
  • Birding: This park is home to several species of birds during the winter, including the Canada goose, Great Blue Heron, and White-Throated Sparrow.
  • Sledding: Formerly a ski resort, General Butler has some incredible hills and slopes — so don’t forget the sleds! The kids will enjoy sledding for hours.

Warm RV Rentals

Schedule a winter getaway now by reserving a camper rental or RV rental from Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales. We have affordable prices on high-quality campers. Our goal is to leave every customer completely satisfied with their trip.

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