If you’re ready to get out of the cold and head south to enjoy the warm weather, why not try something new in the great outdoors and go camping? Camping provides the freedom to explore, and endless fun for the whole family. Most of the fun of going camping is the road trip to your destination. To make the most out of your journey, rent an RV from Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales. Choosing the right RV might be difficult if you are a first-time renter, so here are some tips to help you get on the road. 

White RV is Right For You?


Motorhomes are great options for the “comfortable camper”. These large rigs come equipped with kitchen, bathroom, sleeping quarters, and eating quarters. They even provide outdoor living space. Depending on the size of the motorhome, you can sleep anywhere from 2-7 people. Consider renting this type of RV if you are planning to park in one place for awhile, as they can be cumbersome to maneuver and eat up quite a lot of gas. Also, be sure that the person driving the RV has plenty of experience driving extra-large vehicles. This the most expensive option in RV camping so consider motorhomes only if you have a large budget. 

Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are typically smaller and have less amenities than motorhomes, but can provide ample space for sleeping and eating. You will need a truck or large SUV to pull the trailer, and it might be easier to park and leave the trailer in one spot instead of moving it around. You can unhook the trailer from your vehicle, however, and take your truck or SUV on daytime excursions. 

Pop-Up Camping Trailers

For something that is more user-friendly and requires less hassle than other options, consider the pop-up camper. These lightweight campers fold up to about 10 feet long and extend out to 23 feet. They are cozy but can sleep up to 8 people. 

Camping should be fun and relaxing, not hectic and stressful. Don’t let the process of choosing an RV deter you from getting out of town for that much needed road trip and escape to nature. Let Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales help you find the RV rental you need. Contact us today at (317) 413-0817 for more information or make a reservation online anytime.