Nowadays, a camping experience provides the solace of the outdoors with the technology of the new age. We take for granted the modern luxuries that make camping enjoyable, such as coolers, sunscreen, and GPS systems. Just imagine the lifestyle of the first settlers. They certainly couldn’t call Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales for an RV when things got rough outside!

When you’re traveling across Indiana, stop by one of the state’s most celebrated attractions – Conner Prairie. The Interactive History Park in Fishers, IN, engages families with unique exhibits about Indiana’s past. Check out some of the park’s highlighted attractions:

  • Prairietown: This Conner Prairie attraction takes guests back in time to 1836. Even though it’s a fictional town, the people, objects, and buildings all resemble the 19th century lifestyle. From schoolhouse lessons to grueling chores, you’ll see people perform daily activities. You may even be asked to participate in the local activities.
  • 1859 Balloon Voyage: Although planes weren’t around in 1859, that doesn’t mean that people couldn’t get an aerial view of the Indiana landscapes. In fact, hot air balloons were already created nearly a century before then. Offering an unprecedented view of Conner Prairie, the balloon lifts visitors up to 350 feet above the park.
  • Civil War Exploration: In 1863, Hoosiers played an important part in the Civil War. The park teaches guests about various topics of the war, including Morgan’s Raid and Battle of Corydon. 

If you need transportation for your road trip, contact Greenwood RV Rentals at (317) 413-0817 to reserve a quality RV. After visiting Conner Prairie, you’ll be glad you have the comforts of an RV rental for traveling across the state. For more exciting destinations in Fishers and the surrounding areas in Indiana, follow our blog at