After reserving your RV rental at Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales stay the night in our local RV campsite. Located right across the street from Church Hill Downs, is Trackside RV Park. Staying here a few nights is the perfect way to kick off your family’s RV rental adventure.

At Trackside RV Park you will be getting a truly rustic camping experience. The campsite is surrounded by shade trees, which allow your family to get outside without worrying about harsh sunlight. You can set up camp and enjoy animal spotting, star gazing and sitting around the campfire.

If you don’t feel like cooking your own meal over a campfire Louisville has several fine dining places throughout the city where you can enjoy a variety of hometown meals. Consider visiting Vincenzo’s Italian Restaurant, Lynn’s Paradise Café, the Old Spaghetti Factory or Guaca Mole Cocina Mexicana. All of which serve different types of cuisine so discuss with your family what they feel like eating or just take a stroll downtown and stop wherever catches your eye.

It doesn’t matter what season you are looking to visit because this campsite is open 12 months out of the year. For just 30$ a night you and your family can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities. With the spacious campsites, there is plenty of room for activities like a game of catch. 

People make nightly visits as well as weekly. Keep in mind that this campsite is BigRig friendly, has electric, sewer and water hookups for your RV rental. They do not offer cable tv or wireless Internet, which is perfect if you are looking to get away for a quiet vacation.

We know you aren’t renting an RV in Louisville with the sole intension of staying in the city, but if you have a couple nights why not stay in town and explore all that Louisville has to offer.

When planning your next Louisville or Kentucky getaway, choose from Greenwood RV’s huge selection of RV rentals for a one-of-a-kind vacationing experience the whole family will enjoy. With our extensive selection of RVs, you’re choosing a great, inexpensive alternative to staying in a hotel or sleeping in a tent during your next family outing. If you need the necessary amenities but still want to feel like you’re on vacation, an RV rental can’t be beat. Contact us today at 317-413-0817 to reserve an RV rental that will ensure your upcoming vacation is one to remember.