You just can’t decide whether an RV rental is the right choice. You wonder, “I have so many vacation options out there, so what makes RV camping worth it?” Our staff at Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales could probably give you hundreds of answers to this question. But instead, we’ve narrowed them down to our top 10. We kicked off the first five reasons earlier this month, but we’ll bring it home with five more.

Motorhome Rental

6. Hotels are just too expensive.

Depending on how many people are vacationing with you, hotel rooms over multiple nights can add up quickly—especially if you want to stay at a decent place. Our motorhomes or travel trailers can accommodate up to 10 adults, making your vacation lodging more affordable.

7. Get the best of both worlds.

You love the idea of camping: rustic surroundings, campfires, and hiking through wooded terrain. But the idea of going without a private shower or having a refrigerator just seems too tedious for words. With an RV rental, you can enjoy the perks of camping without the pain.

8. You want to explore state parks.

Many Indiana and surrounding state parks have so much to do and explore that you need several days to check them out. The most convenient lodging at most state parks is camping. Most parks have their own campgrounds, while others have private campgrounds nearby. You can rent an RV, set up your home away from home, and explore the area.

9. Your family loves road trips.

There’s no better way to road trip than in an RV. You can travel comfortably, enjoy onboard entertainment, and stretch your legs. Even if you want to tow your personal vehicle, a motorhome makes it possible.

10. You’ve never tried it.

Do you love new experiences? Then you have to try RV camping at least once, just to say you did. Who knows. . . you may even learn to love it.

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