It’s common knowledge that Indiana is infamous for its unpredictable and sometimes harsh weather. Especially in the winter, bad weather can lead to poor road conditions. If you are going on an RV road trip and you are renting an RV, you may not be completely comfortable driving such a large vehicle. Maneuvering through harsh weather and poor road conditions can be even more difficult when you are not used to driving an RV. Safety is the number one priority at Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales so we recommend taking the following precautions when driving through bad weather. 

Drive Safely in Inclement Weather

Slow Down

Consider what it is like to drive a passenger vehicle through bad weather conditions. Now, factor in the additional weight, height, width, and length of the RV, and you can see why increased caution is necessary. You first need to slow down and second, provide more space between you and the car in front of you. 

Turn on Your Lights

It is best practice to turn your exterior lights on during a rainstorm. This will help you see through inclement weather, and will help other drivers better see you. 

Avoid High Winds

As winds pick up speed and strength, the safest course of action is to find the nearest exit and get off of the road for awhile. The large size of your RV will make it like a boat’s sail in the wind and it could become very difficult to control. Powerful wind gusts could even blow your RV completely over, endangering you and your passengers.

Rear-Wheel Drive

Keep in mind that your motorhome mostly likely has rear wheel drive, so it will handle differently than the passenger vehicles you are used to driving. You should be aware of the difference when driving in poor conditions and adjust your driving accordingly.

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