Celebrate your time off this Labor Day by attending the 11th annual WorldFest in Louisville, KY. This four-day festival of music, food, and entertainment from around the world is something the entire family will enjoy.

WorldFest makes it possible to travel the world in a single evening. Below are some of the activities and experiences to look forward to:

Cuisine: Do you love trying food from different cultures? Then you’re in luck. Eat dishes from dozens of countries such as Ethiopia, Jamaica, and Thailand.

Parade: One of the highlights of this event is the cultural parade. Held on Saturday, August 31, participants parade through Louisville in attire native to their regions.

Entertainment: This year WorldFest will have three stages and a constant lineup of bands and artists from around the world. Listen — and maybe even dance — to the diverse music.

Culture: Explore the Global Village and expand your horizons by learning how people in 22 different countries live.

Diversity is something to be celebrated. Spend some of Labor Day weekend enjoying the rich cultural heritage in Louisville, KY.

Labor Day Camping

The party doesn’t have to end when WorldFest finishes; Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales is here to extend the fun. We offer RV rentals and camper rentals. Whether you stay at a local campground in Louisville or you venture out into the heart of Kentucky, our travel trailers are the perfect setting for one last summer adventure.

Make a reservation online or contact us at 317-413-0817. Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales looks forward to serving you.