This Indianapolis winter has been anything but mild. You’ve spent the past three months shoveling snow, scraping the windshield, and shelling out astronomical amounts of money for the heating bill. Already daydreaming about spring? We are too.

4 Easy Steps to Vacation

Now is the perfect time to start planning a spring break trip. So grab a map, picture warmer days, and follow the easy steps below:

  1. Set a budget. The budget will determine where you can go and how long the vacation lasts. Also brainstorm ways to save money while traveling, such as getting an affordable RV rental instead of staying in expensive hotels or resorts.
  2. Choose a destination. You don’t have to go far for an unforgettable trip. In fact, Indiana has some breathtakingly beautiful state parks and campgrounds. If leaving Indy and heading someplace warmer is a priority, rent an RV and take a road trip to Myrtle Beach or Florida.
  3. Draft a schedule. Creating an itinerary will help make the most of the vacation. Research fun events and attractions in the area, but make sure to leave some flex time too.
  4. Make the reservations. Since spring break is such a popular time to travel, make hotel, plane, or camper rental reservations as soon as possible.

Travel in an RV Rental

Whether you’re camping or taking a road trip, the motor homes and travel trailers at Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales will add a dash of luxury and convenience. Better yet, we offer some of the most affordable camper rentals in Indianapolis.

From high-quality models to first-class customer service, we do all we can to ensure your trip is easy and stress-free. Ready to make a reservation? Call us at 317-413-0817. We look forward to making your vacation unforgettable.