Are you considering embracing an adventurous, on-the-road lifestyle? Maybe retirement is on the horizon, and you’re considering living in your RV full time. Before you take the plunge, there are many things to think about so you can have the best RV experience possible. Our team at Greenwood RV Rentals and Sales has put together a list of tips before you hit the road and enjoy your travels.

RV Tips for Beginners

Remember the Extras

When planning your budget for your RV purchase, make sure you also think about all the other things that you will need to buy to be ready for life on the road. While the actual motorhome is the biggest part, it is first in a long line of other essential expenses. You’ll need a variety of hoses, levers, and wheel chocks in addition to a place to store your RV. Because of all these other expenses, it is important not to spend your entire budget on your motorhome.

Be Realistic with Your Time

If you use a site like Google Maps to determine drive time, make sure you’re aware that you are going to be moving much slower in an RV. This is important to keep in mind if you have a certain time to check into your campground or if you’re trying to avoid driving at night. Plan on an extra hour or maybe even two to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the road and arrive on time.

Use Your Resources

The RV community is known for being extremely friendly and helpful. Before you set out, search for travel blogs or forums where you may get your questions answered. Then, when on the road, don’t be afraid to ask your fellow campers for help or advice. If you’re nervous about a tricky turn or getting your RV up on leveling blocks for the first time, chances are a veteran RV-er will walk you through it.


Whether you hope to be on the road full-time or you’re planning to purchase an RV for weekend trips, we hope these tips help. If you have any additional questions or if you’re ready to make a purchase, contact Greenwood RV at (317) 413-0817. If you’re not ready to buy, fill out our online reservation request form to try out the RV experience with an RV rental.