You’re ready to book your campsite and start making plans for that spring getaway to one of Indiana’s top state parks. You’ve been doing your research and planning out your budget, but you just can’t seem to decide between a pop-up camper rental and a motorhome rental. Don’t stress the decision. Vacation is supposed to be fun! Instead, allow Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales of Indianapolis help you determine what is best for your camping expedition.

Camper Rental

A pop-up camper rental has many benefits: You get to sleep on comfortable beds, take advantage of a partial kitchen, and warm up with a furnace on those chilly Indiana spring nights. Typically, a camper rental can sleep up to six people comfortably and is considerably less expensive to rent than the next step up: the motorhome rental. However, a camper rental needs to be towed, so make sure your vehicle has the towing requirements prior to booking.

Motorhome Rental

Our motorhome rentals at Greenwood RV Rentals come fully equipped! You don’t have to mess around with towing, unless you want to bring your personal vehicle along. Plus, you and your family or friends can travel without being cramped. Most of our Class A and Class C RV rentals include a full kitchen, entertainment area with TV, heating and AC, full bath, and beds for anywhere from 6-8 people. Plus, if you’re concerned about unpredictable Indiana weather, a motorhome rental is better equipped to keep you comfortable in all kinds of weather.

To get more details about either a camper rental or a motorhome rental, or RV rentals in general, contact Greenwood RV of Indianapolis at (317) 413-0817. We can get you a rental quote, talk to you about our current RV rental specials, and book you a reservation today!