Started dreaming about slam dunks, pump fakes, and pick and rolls? Feeling an irresistible urge to fill out a bracket or trash talk your friends? All of these symptoms are a sure sign that March Madness is quickly approaching. If you live for this adrenaline-rushing tournament, it’s time to get pumped up.

Game Schedule

The schedule has already been released, and Kentucky unfortunately isn’t hosting any of the games this year. However, that doesn’t mean you have to watch every game from the couch. Instead, grab a friend and drive to the closest games:

  • First Round: Dayton, OH (150 miles from Louisville)
  • Second Round: Milwaukee (395 miles)
  • Third Round: St. Louis (360 miles)
  • S outh Regional: Memphis, TN (385 miles)
  • Midwest Regional: Indianapolis (115 miles)

Motor Home Madness

Due to their immense popularity, March Madness games are expensive. And unfortunately the price of one ticket does not cover the other essentials (namely lodging and beer). If buying tickets blows the entire traveling budget, Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales has an innovative solution.

Instead of paying for overpriced rooms at overcrowded hotels, bring an affordable RV rental or camper rental, and stay at a nearby campground. This saves money and provides a festive atmosphere. Better yet, the campground might even have a basketball court so you can have a tourney of your own.

Combine March Madness with a motor home from, and you’ll get March MotorMadness. It doesn’t get any better than that. Reserve a travel trailer or camper rental online, or call us at 317-413-0817. We look forward to serving you.