Indiana is known for its corn, but there are plenty of other things to see in Indiana. One thing Indiana has to offer is its many state parks. If you’re looking for a fun getaway with the family, rent an RV and drive to Indiana Dunes State Park. Fall is a great time to visit a state park with the family and this park has plenty to offer.

The Indiana Dunes State Park is right next to Lake Michigan. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful, sandy dunes along Lake Michigan’s shoreline. Even in chillier weather, it is a fun place to explore. Your children will enjoy racing to the top of the dunes while you stroll along the bottom of the dunes. If you do make it to the top of the dunes, you’ll enjoy a wonderful view. Just don’t forget to take your camera with you.

Indiana Dunes State Park is more than just the sandy dunes. It also offers miles of hiking trails. The trails range from easy to rugged. One trail is a popular cross country skiing trail in the winter months. For a more rugged hike, we recommend trail 8. It takes you to an elevation level of 192’ with great views. Indiana Dunes State Park also has multiple picnic areas available. A picnic is a great way to end the day after hiking on trails or up to the top of the dunes. If the weather is bad, check out the nature center. It offers educational information on the area’s foliage and cultural history.

Indiana Dunes State Park is a great place to visit and is very accommodating to campers. There are over 100 campsites with electric service hookups for your Indiana RV rental. To reserve an RV rental from Greenwood RV Rentals, contact us at 317-413-0817. We offer Class A motorhome rentals, Class C motorhome rentals, travel trailer rentals and pop-up camper rentals to Indianapolis and the surrounding Indiana areas.