If you are an experienced RVer and you are looking for more peace, quiet, and adventure, consider boondocking on your next RV trip. Boondocking (or dry camping) refers to RV camping in remote areas, without being hooked up to water, power, and sewer. Adventurous campers prefer boondocking to staying at a campground because they are able to experience the beauty and solitude of nature. However, many people choose campgrounds over boondocking because of fear for their safety. Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales recommends these safety tips to give you peace of mind on your next camping adventure.

Tips for Safe Boondocking

Common Sense Parking

One of the main concerns of boondocking campers is that they will be robbed or harmed while staying far away from other people. Here are some common sense ways to stay safe:
  • Only stay in one location for a day or two so potential robbers don’t have the chance to scope out your RV.
  • Use intuition when choosing a place to stop. Don’t boondock in an area that doesn’t “feel” safe.
  • When you stay closer to urban areas where there are higher crime rates, be sure that other RVers or truckers are within view.
  • Don’t leave cash in the RV and keep valuables out of sight.
  • Remember that setting up camp down a dirt road on public land makes you no more a target for a thief than anyone who builds a home or cottage on a country road in a remote area. Being far removed from civilization might feel strange at first but actually is safer than being around other people, even at a campground.

Use Appropriate Signage

Be aware about any signage that is displayed on your RV that passers-by will be able to see. There are ways to deter unwanted attention by using appropriate signage only.
  • Avoid stickers that indicate you’re a full-timer. These could be a boondocking safety concern, making you a target, because they indicate that all your worldly possessions are onboard the RV.
  • Consider using a sticker to indicate a guard dog or alarm system is onboard (even if it’s not the case).
  • If traveling alone, place 2 chairs, an extra pair of men’s shoes (size large), and/or a large dog’s water dish outside your door.
If you are still feeling fearful about boondocking, a good way to dispel your fears is to talk to others who boondock regularly. Listening to their experiences and learning their tricks and tips will help you feel more comfortable. When you’re ready to take on your first boondocking adventure, contact our team at Greenwood RV and Sales at (317) 413-0817. We will help you find the travel trailer, motorhome, or camper rental that is right for you. Sources: frugal-rv-travel.com