When you think of camping, the nostalgia probably hits you hard. The sweet memories flood in – of nights under the stars, and family time around the campfire. Who wouldn’t want to pass that tradition on to their own kids? Camping is a great way for families to connect with each other away from the busyness of everyday life, and to disconnect from technology and distractions. Exploring the great outdoors together builds character and strengthens bonds that will last a lifetime. However, camping with kids doesn’t come without certain challenges. Here are some tips from your friends at Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales on how to make camping with kids easier and fun for the whole family.

How to Camp with Kids


Camping with babies isn’t too hard because they are adaptable to many different environments. The most important thing is to remember to pack all of their essentials and comfort items. Portable gear, such as play yards, child carriers, and bassinets, is very useful when camping.


In general, toddlers are more difficult than babies in most situations. Their tastes and preferences change by the minute, and you never know what kind of mood you are going to get. The best tips for camping with toddlers is to be prepared and be flexible. Encourage them to try new foods and experiences, but also roll with it if they won’t eat campfire food or if they have a meltdown halfway through your hike.

Older Kids

Older children and tweens make great campers because they still have an enthusiasm for the outdoors and a willingness to try new things. Make the camping experience more fun for them by involving them in the process. You can do this by letting them pack some items by themselves, letting them help make decisions on what activities the family will participate in, and allowing them to explore on their own to stretch their independence. Don’t forget, however, to pack some rainy-day activities, such as board games and DVDs (assuming that you will have limited WiFi). You don’t want to have a mutiny on your hands!


The key to having a good camping experience with teenagers is to give them space. It is OK to expect a certain amount of family fun time, but keep the drama to a minimum by allowing your teens time and space to recharge alone. You might even consider allowing them to bring a friend along for moral support, especially if they are an only child and might want some time away from mom and dad. 

Camping is a priceless family experience that your children will remember forever. Make the right choice for your family in the Indianapolis area by renting an RV from Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales. For more information, contact us today at (317) 413-0817 or make a reservation online anytime.