Are you ready to take your RV camping to the next level? Have you become an expert at campground camping and you need new challenge? Well, boondocking might be just what you need to add some adventure to your camping routine. Boondocking is the experience of parking your RV out in the wild, oftentimes miles away from civilization. It is a great way to get back to nature and get away from the noise of everyday life. You can’t just park your RV anywhere, however. You have to plan ahead and find spots where camping is allowed. Here are some great ways to find boondocking spots from the RV experts at Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales.

Find Boondocking Sites

Camping Websites and Apps

  • The US Public Lands AppEasily find the boundaries of public lands without physical maps, books, or digging deep online.
  • CampendiumSearch by state to find thousands of free camping locations, including BLM, national forest, and managed lands. This site has reviews that will include the exact location, noise level, cell coverage, pricing, site quality, and cleanliness.
  • iOverlander- Very user-friendly app and website that allows you to search using specific filters. One very useful filter for RVers under “required amenities” is “big rig friendly.” If you’d like to look at places where no one has recently camped, you have the option to filter out places that haven’t been visited within a certain amount of time.

Google Maps

The satellite view on Google Maps is a great way to find Forest Service Land if you are in a pinch and haven’t found a spot using an app ahead of time. For the most part, public lands are designated with a light green color, and you can zoom in to see if the light green color is U.S. Forest Land with USFS roads (light green areas are not your only option, just a good place to start if you’re in or near a forest land). Zoom in to the roads to look for round, brown patches. More often than not, a break in the trees that comes in the form of a round, brown patch means there is a campsite.

Sounds pretty easy, right? If you do your research, plan ahead, and use common sense, you’ll be safe and get to experience nature in a very unique way. The first step in planning your boondocking trip is to secure your RV rental with Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales in Indiana. Contact us today at (317) 413-0817 for more information.