At Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales, we have found that once you start camping in an RV, it’s hard to vacation any other way. Our customers keep coming back because evenings around the campfire, afternoons of hiking, and enjoying family in the great outdoors just can’t be beat. If you’ve rented an RV once or twice, you might be thinking it’s time to take the leap and purchase one of your very own… and you are in luck! Greenwood RV is now a retailer of both new and used RVs, and our skilled sales professionals are here to help you find the right type of RV to fit your needs.

RV Sales Indianapolis

New and Used Motorhomes

A motorhome might be for you if you plan on traveling often or taking long trips as opposed to short weekend getaways. An RV is going to feel more like home to you because you are able to customize it and leave it packed so you have less work between trips. Once you get to your destination, the setup is a breeze: simply back into your space, and hook up!  Another great benefit of a motorhome is being able to use the living space while driving. Your family can take naps, grab snacks from the kitchen, or even “work from home” with a laptop at the kitchen table! 

Travel Trailers 

Travel trailers have a lot of the same space and customization benefits of a motorhome; however, they have the added benefit of being a bit cheaper up front and easier to maintain long-term. Trailers require a bit more set up once you get to your destination, but it can still be done relatively quickly. Because travel trailers don’t have engines, they are going to last a lot longer than a motorhome. One more benefit to consider is the ease of driving a truck with a trailer vs. driving a full motorhome through possibly unfamiliar territories. So if you are a weekend-away type of traveler, a trailer might be right for you.  

Pop-Up Campers

Pop-up campers represent the smallest end of the travel trailer spectrum. They can range from one to four beds, depending on the configuration, and their expanding size makes them great for small families. Generally, they are going to be the most affordable option and are usually a bit roomier than a travel trailer because of their slide out features that can really add usable space. They are also very easy to tow; however, the set up takes a bit more time, as you have to do the actual “popping.” However, because of their soft walls, some of their insulating abilities are reduced, so consider where you’ll be using your camper. 

Ready to Buy?

Do you want to find out more about owning an RV? Contact our staff at Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales today at (317) 413-0817 to ask about our current RV inventory. We’d be glad to show you our available models or help you start your search for the right one. Need other RV service? We also offer RV rentals, as well as professional RV maintenance and repairs.