Ever wish you could go back in time and be a kid again for a day? Well now in a way you can. At Dave and Buster’s you can take part in an assortment of fun arcade and entertainment games for adults!

There are over 200 different games in their arcade to play. You’ll find all the classics like Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Centipede, and more. You’ll also find new ones that will soon become favorites.

Try your hand at an all-time favorite: skeeball! You’ll get nine balls to roll up the alley into the various pockets. The higher numbers you get from various pockets, the more tickets you’ll get. Yes, that’s right; you also get tickets at Dave and Buster’s. These can be cashed in for a choice of hundreds of fun prizes.

Dave and Buster’s Downs is a racing game that allows up to 12 to play. You’ll roll a ball up the ramp and your horse will be off. Hopefully it will reach the finish line first for you to be a winner. Dance Dance Revolution is a great way to show off your dance moves. Keep dancing with the beat and your character on the screen. This can be played by yourself or with a friend.

Like the high-speed racing of NASCAR? You’ll love taking the driver’s seat at Daytona USA where you can go head to head against up to eight of your friends. Nothing but Net is another favorite; everyone loves a great game of basketball shooting.

Super Trivia is a quick-thinking game, so you’ll want to be on your toes with this one. You will feel as though you’re on a game show as you get asked questions from different categories and get challenged by the other players.

At Dave and Buster’s you won’t even have to leave when you get hungry. Grab a bite to eat at their restaurant. Try the Black Jack BBQ chicken, parmesan chicken alfredo, fried shrimp, or the Philly cheese steak. 

If you are planning to eat at Dave and Buster’s, you’ll want to look into their Eat and Play Combo. For only $15.99 you can get a choice of 9 different entrees and receive a $10 game card. This offer is good Sunday through Thursday open to close and Friday and Saturday until 5:00 p.m.

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