If you’ve spent any time out on the road in an RV, you know that this type of vacation and even lifestyle is addictive. Maybe you’ve rented a motorhome a few times, and now you’re ready to make a more serious commitment. Whether you’re planning on making regular weekend trips or even selling your home and living on the road full-time, the first step is to buy your RV. Your most frugal route is going to be buying used. Our team at Greenwood RV Rentals and Sales knows it is a big purchase, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you make an educated decision.

Used RV Sales

Your Adventure Starts with the Buying Process

Rv-ers are all about adventure and with good reason. There’s just nothing like being out on the open road. So why not have fun with the buying process as well? Make sure you give yourself plenty of time so you can do research and determine what type and size of RV will best suit you. Consider factors such as where you plan to travel and whether you want to spend time in campgrounds or out in the “boondocks.”

Ask Questions

It’s a good idea to make up a list of questions you want answered before you start shopping. When buying used, it’s a good idea to get a history of the vehicle, so ask questions like, “How often has it been used?” and “How old are the tires?”. Remember that buying a used RV is like buying a used car, so also be sure to ask if it’s ever been in an accident or had major body work done.

Inspect the RV

Another list you’ll want to make before you shop is an inspection checklist. Use your research time to find a few lists online so you know exactly what to look for when you’re buying your used RV. In addition to a test drive, you’ll want to make sure all the appliances work as well as the propane and water tanks.

Find Out More

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