RV’ing is a great hobby and vacation option for the economically conscious traveler. But, even though it is an inherently inexpensive way to travel, there still are things you can do to lighten the financial load even further. The RV travel experts at Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales recommend these easy steps to cutting your travel expenses.

Save Money While RV'ing

1. Buy or Rent Smart

Luxury RV’s can be fun and look fancy, but do you really need all of the bells and whistles? You can have just as much fun and make just as many memories in a less expensive, more modest model. There are several used rigs that still have a lot of life in them and will make more financial sense than buying new. 

2. Travel Smart

Campgrounds, RV parks, amusement parks, and other attractions usually have special rates for off-season travelers. Save money and beat the crowds by choosing a travel time that is outside of peak season, such as early spring and late fall. You might have to pack a few additional sweaters, but the savings will be worth it. 

3. Park Smart

Commercial campgrounds will typically charge more to park, so instead opt for low-cost RV sites in city, county, state, or federal camping areas. You can get discounts from certain campgrounds for staying longer, so consider booking a longer trip instead of taking multiple short trips. There are even places that you can park your RV for free, such as Wal-Mart parking lots, casinos, and boondocking. 

4. Eat Smart

Eating out can be a fun part of your frugal RV travel, but look for 2-for-1 coupons and early bird specials. Consider eating out at lunch instead of dinner, and skip large chain restaurants in favor of small diners. You can save money while dining in by buying food and other necessities at thrift bakeries, discount stores, dollar stores, church and charity bazaars, flea markets, roadside veggie stands, canning plants, and u-pick orchards.

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