Pop-Up CamperMany of our customers at Greenwood RV Rentals & Sales ask about the benefits of a pop-up camper. As you try to decide which RV rental is right for you, consider these three perks of renting a pop-up camper.

1. Step up from a tent.

Compared to tent camping, a pop-up camper is going to feel quite glamorous. At Greenwood RV, our campers come equipped with amenities like heating and cooling, dinette, beds for up to six adults, propane stove, ice box, and more. You can cut the amount of camping equipment you have to bring along in half.

2. Easy to haul.

Compared to a travel trailer, a pop-up camper is considerably smaller and lighter and therefore easier for your personal vehicle to haul. All that your vehicle will require for towing it is a two-inch ball mount.

3. Budget-friendly.

If you’re camping on a budget, then a pop-up camper is generally your most affordable option. You get the benefits of an RV but don’t have to pay the slightly higher rates of a motorhome or travel trailer. Plus, you will probably whave to pay less in fuel since the camper is lighter and easier to haul, making it more fuel efficient.

Want to find out more about our pop-up campers? Our staff at Greenwood RV would be glad to tell you all about them or help you compare them to our other RV rentals. We’ll make you a believer in the pop-up camper. If you’re looking to purchase a camper, then we can help you with that as well. In addition to rentals, we also have a number of new and used RVs available for purchase right here on our lot.

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